As Wizards And Warriors:

"The First EP" (August '06)
"The 'Bits and Pieces' EP" (September '06)
"Three Million Light Years Away" (October '06)

As Wizwars:

"Wave Traveler" (January '08)
"Robotic Operating Buddy" (January '08)
"Distant Galaxy" (January '08) UNAVAILABLE
"Living Under A Chip" (February '08)
"Four" (June '08)
"City" (July '08)
"Live Free And Chip Hard" (October '08)
"Advanced Maximum Disrobics" (July '09)
"Game Boy Rock!!" (October '09)

Split Albums:

"Cacomistle Versus Wizards And Warriors" (March '07)
"Cacomistle Versus Wizwars - Round 2" (March '08)
"Cacomistle Versus Wizwars III" (March '09)

"Sparks - The Videogame" (September '06)
"Nevar Say Die! Volume One" (October '07)
"8BC - Sun Fun on Planet Earth" (July '08)
"Nevar Say Die! Volume Two" (November '08)
"Eightbreeders (Misfits Tribute)" (October '09)
"A Chip Off The Shizz Block, Volume One" (October '09)
"Nevar Say Die! Volume Three" (December '09)
"Beep City Presents: Love Songs From The Future" (February '10)