Wizwars (real name Kevin Hagge) is a Los Angeles based musician
who uses older Video Game hardware (primarily a Nintendo
Game Boy) to make lo-bit dance music, better known as
"chipmusic". Originally called "Wizards And Warriors", Kevin
began releasing music in August '06. Since then, he has
released 12 EPs, 3 split albums, and appeared on 8
compilations. The majority of this music was released
for free download.


"Sputnik" Live (01-23-10)

"Right Back To You" Live (01-23-10)
"Intergalactic Disko" Live (02-18-10)
"Sputnik" Live w/ DARK WARRIORS (02-26-10)
"Cosmic Waveform" Live w/DARK WARRIORS (02-26-10)






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